8 quick and effective ways to get rid of a headache

Treating headaches in a world of speed and congestion Today, for those of us who do not suffer from headaches, here are some quick and effective prescriptions.

Although some people, when feeling a headache, resort directly to taking over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, they do not, therefore, treat the causes of symptoms, which limits their benefit.

However, treatment of headaches may be closer to you than these prescriptions. Here are some ways that we promise to relieve headache pain caused by occasional causes as follows:

1. Press with hot and cold compresses
If you need immediate treatment, you can use hot and cold compresses:
Cold Compresses: Wrap a cold ice pack with a thin cloth so that you do not have snow burns on your skin, then place the ice pack on the basis of the pain site. Make sure not to press for more than 10 minutes at a time.
Hot compress: You can buy heated pillows at the pharmacy, or you can create your own pillow. Fill two-thirds of the cloth with raw rice cereal and sew it to seal it tightly. Place the pillow in the microwave, heat it for a minute, then place it on the pain area to stimulate blood circulation in it.

2. Massage
Although some consider "massages" and massages a luxury, it is of great therapeutic efficacy to a great extent. As the headache may sometimes be caused by muscle tension in the upper part of the body that can be caused by a wrong exercise, or a certain sitting position.

Massage contributes to the dismantling and relaxing of muscles, thereby eliminating the headaches that result from it. Be careful and study the type of massage that is right for you and treat it for pain points.

3. Perfume treatment
Another new therapeutic approach that has been shown to be effective in cases of headaches and migraines is the treatment of perfumes and odors, where the brain can respond well to some smells, including mint, eucalyptus, lavender.

4. Avoid and beware of dehydration
Dehydration and lack of fluid in the body are among the most important daily causes of headaches, but the good thing is that you can easily overcome it. Keep drinking healthy water and fluids, and avoid drinks that contain high levels of caffeine, as too much caffeine can lead to headaches.

5. Chinese medicine and acupuncture
Chinese medicine adopts acupuncture, believing that some of the major areas of the body lead to an outflow of energy at related sites in the body, which in turn are responsible for fighting pain. In spite of what appears to be strange, this method has proven particularly effective in reducing the frequency and severity of headaches.

6. Herbal remedy for nerves
Chamomile, ginger, mint, and whatever you choose to drink tonight, the tea will help you relax and relieve stress. Of course, along with deep breathing exercises and breathing in the scent of tea.

7. Sleep
Your body is affected more by sleep than you can imagine. Having the minimum number of hours of sleep you need may cause a headache that accompanies you throughout the day.

However, sleep also has habits that help your body prepare for it. Here are some notes:
Adhere to a clear sleep schedule, even if you need to be late at night on a weekly day. Try to make it a steady day. On the other hand, be careful to wake up at fixed times as well. If you have to fluctuate in bed for half an hour, it's okay, with time, your body will sleep in a fixed time.
Before going to sleep, avoid using stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and even sugar. These ingredients, aside from delaying your sleep, also reduce its quality and depth.

8. Be smart and monitor the relationship between your headache and your food
Some foods, although delicious, may cause you to have a headache, which varies between individuals.

So be smart and watch yourself. When you clearly feel a headache on that day, record in your diary what you have eaten during that day and observe which foods you will be associated with.

Some foods that are related to head pain include:
Foods containing tyramine include pizza and aged cheeses
Foods containing monosodium glutamate, such as Asian meals, are mainly noodles.
Foods that contain nitrates, such as processed meats.
But if your headache is severe and not portable, in addition to being permanent despite all the improvements that you are trying to make to your lifestyle, then there is no doubt that you should not neglect yourself and turn to your doctor for appropriate counseling.

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